EMBA : The MBA attracts students from different backgrounds, with varied experiences. Through this training, they learn the basics of business and prepare for careers in many fields within multinationals or small businesses.

During these programs, students take courses in accounting, finance, marketing, administration, IT, law and ethics. They can also specialize during their studies. There are different types of MBA, full time, part time, distance, acceleration or double degree. These courses are available all over the world and are taught by the best universities and schools in the world. To find the right MBA for you, look for the ones below or refine your search using the filters above. Start today!

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In the midst of a turbulent economic and commercial environment, many managers and executives have begun to turn to the EMBA to consolidate the future of their careers. Professionals from around the world attend these courses as they work to acquire, build or consolidate their management and leadership skills.

EMBAs are available throughout the world and include specific areas and options that are essential for executives and managers who already have business experience. EMBA students become experienced professionals through teaching methods, the experiences of other students, as well as the international perspective of training and, therefore, can cope with any situation that may arise. Students applying for an EMBA generally must have at least five years of experience in administrative or executive administration.

Find the EMBA that suits you, in the country that suits you, and begin to consolidate your position as an executive.

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The MBA of a year is a graduation program for students who desean una mejor comprehension of the empresarial management. The finalización del programa detallado puede brindar to the solicitantes de empleo una ventaja competitiva en el mercado.

Una Maestría in Administración de Empresas (MBA) is a postgraduate that toma aproximadamente back años de estudio para recibir. The personas that obtains is achieved by a conocimiento significant experience in the negotiations of negocios and administration, and there is a trabajo quickly debited to mejor manejo.

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The professionals of the public sector have a punto in the region of education, which is one of the highest priorities in the area of ​​professional education. Otros profesionales pueden desear mudarse has a campo nuevo o relacionado, pero sienten that necesitan desarrollar específicas habilidades o adquirir nuevas habilidades. Ejecutiva maestría in Administración de Empresas (EMBA) proportional estas calificaciones, pero los profesionales ocupados no siempre tienen el tiempo o the necesidad de participar in a tradicional program of back años. The EMBA of 1 año ofrece flexibilidad y diseño de programmas especializados para profesionales establecidos que buscan el mejor retorno de la inversión.

Al igual that the traditional EMBA programs, the EMBA of an año his intensivos y requieren compromiso; sin embargo, pueden estar más optimizados o enfocados in a área particular of the commercial administration, como administración o asuntos internacionales. The programs of EMBA of a year have eliminated the element of pasantía that menudo was encuentra in the programs of MBA. y EMBA tradicionales, lo that allows completarlo in an año in lugar of back. In Cambodia, the EMBA programs of 1 year in Mexico are centered in the practical prerequisites to the acción that allows the profesional