Presentation of the Global MBA – International MBA

GLOBAL MBA The Global MBA of OBS Business School has been highlighted among the best in Spain by the Ranking 2015 MBA Online of Mundo Posgrado. GLOBAL MBA In addition, both the Global MBA and the Executive MBA of OBS have been chosen as the best online mba by the Ibero-American ranking of Training 2015 100% online. GLOBAL MBA

The OBS Business School Global Online MBA focuses on the development of the management competencies and skills necessary for the management of global companies . The particularity of the program is that it provides participants with all the necessary tools to successfully manage companies with a high component of internationalization and innovation , in various positions of responsibility – management or managerial commands – and whatever the size of the organization. With this innovative program philosophy, OBS aims to offer a vision of where the future of the management of a global company is heading . GLOBAL MBA

This master’s degree in business strategy, in addition, makes available to the participant a new and pioneering Professional Skills Development Program developed by OBS , taught by experts and recognized professionals of Human Resources.

Having a higher education in Management , in the field of administration and business management, is fundamental. This is shown by a study published by the Executive MBA Council, which indicates that the average salary of participants in an MBA increases by 11.4% from the beginning to the end of their programs.

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Presentation of the Executive MBA – Executive Master
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The transformations that the world has undergone at the present time demand a deep analysis of the new competitive scenarios and the application of new business models. The growing and complex volatility of global economies and their unquestionable interdependence place us in an environment characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity.

In this context, professionals must react quickly to changes and make decisions adapted to the new needs of the company, without stopping the creation of value for the company’s stakeholders.

The Executive MBA ( EMBA ) of OBS Business School focuses on the strategic, international and innovative vision of the Business Management, while any person in charge of a business organization, or of an area thereof, must have a holistic vision of the company , understand that any strategic decision must be aligned with the strategy of the company and do so in an innovative way.

The master’s degree in business management is focused on developing the skills necessary to lead a business project, take responsibility for an area of ​​the company or start a business of its own.

The Executive MBA , program in business administration, is specially designed for professionals who have extensive professional experience and want to expand their knowledge in areas complementary to their current responsibility. In short, professionals who seek a promotion by adding more value to their curriculum or who are thinking of a professional change.

We want to highlight, finally, the commitment to the Final Project subject of this program in business management, which gives the participants the opportunity to face the development of a Business Plan , with all the complexity associated with the launch of a business idea. This subject is not exclusively focused on the creation of an own company but allows the participant to have an open mind towards new ideas of action that can be developed in their current job.