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Presentation of the Global MBA – International MBA

GLOBAL MBA The Global MBA of OBS Business School has been highlighted among the best in Spain by the Ranking 2015 MBA Online of Mundo Posgrado. GLOBAL MBA In addition, both the Global MBA and the Executive MBA of OBS have been chosen as the best online mba by the Ibero-American ranking of Training 2015 100% online. GLOBAL MBA (more…)

business The star of schools mba is renewed to survive

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business Is the MBA dead? The star of business schools is renewed to survive The master’s degree in management training is reinvented to survive

business , Drums of war shake the flagship product of business schools, the MBA or Master of Business Administration. They arrive from the United States, where it was created, and from the United Kingdom, as is usual with almost all the trends in this sector. There, the number of management training centers that withdraw them from their offer are growing. They are taken for dead. First was the prestigious London School of Economics; now it is the King’s College of London, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Tippie College of Business (Iowa) and the University of Wake Forest, in North Carolina. Instead, these institutions have launched big data programs , business analytics or artificial intelligence, the new tools that the market demands from executives.

In some institutions, business administration programs represent up to 45% of their income Some leave the MBA full time (one or two years and for which little work experience is required) due to lack of students or because it is a program whose costs are very expensive; others, because they do not add value to the extensive offer of their competitors and prefer to focus on postgraduate programs, where they do offer this differential; and others, because they lose money with this emblematic product. And all are satisfied by their decision to remove it from the market.

The question is clear: Is it worth risking leaving the race for one or two years at the time when we are more professionally bright to pursue a Master of Business Administration that allows us to ascend ?, argues Luc Theis, general manager of Deusto Business School. “The MBA is in crisis because it has a lot of competition for products that are better suited to the needs of students,” argues Theis, whose educational organization decided to do without him a few years ago because the economic crisis had problems to market and Deusto preferred focus on the most exclusive Executive MBA, for managers with more experience, where “we can provide network “.

The rankings matter much. They are perhaps the first indicator used by students to choose the business school where they will take their MBA and, therefore, one of the arguments that these institutions exhibit in their advertising to capture them. IESE, Esade and IE Business School have been strolling for years at the top of the world ranking that is taken as reference in the sector, which is prepared by the Financial Times (FT).

But this year there have been surprises. And it is not that the French school Insead, which led it in 2017 for the first time in its history, has been ousted by Stanford or that Harvard continues to lose positions once again. In the ranking of the 100 best Global MBA of 2018 of FT there are only two Spanish business schools: IESE, in the twelfth position, and Esade, in the twentieth. No trace of IE, which usually stood ahead of the others (specifically, its latest brand, the 2017, was the eighth place in the world).

The Financial Times has expelled from the list to the training center of Madrid executives alleging irregularities in the questionnaires that the students answer to demonstrate their work progression since they attended the MBA in order to evaluate the quality of the program of this institution. They have not answered the students they owed, nor their addresses were correct. “There have been anomalies in the reception of information,” reads the official version provided by IE and FT.

A few months have passed since then and the ex-dean of the school, Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, recognizes that they did not pay enough attention to the process of gathering information to be ranked , as it is called in the jargon of the schools. That is why the process has been changed, monitored to introduce transparency, and the people who took care of it have been removed, he explains. Next year IE will return to the ranking , and here peace and then glory. His expulsion in terms of enrollment has only affected four or five, according to the current president of IE University.

The MBA is again in question, just like during the last economic crisis. And this is noticeable in Spain. “The program has been questioned on many occasions since its inception in the 1960s,” recalls IESE Business School CEO Franz Heukamp. And “since the recession it is not so important for some recruiters to have this title; In fact, financial institutions have stopped considering the MBA essential to sign their executives. There is a content problem. MBAs are too general, “says Josep Maria Altarriba, dean of EAE Business School.

Renewed or die
“The MBA model as we know it is dead,” says Ignacio de Pinedo, CEO of the Higher Institute for Internet Development (ISDI), “the new MBA is the master’s degree in Internet business. And not only the contents are different, but also the methodology. It is a model in which the important thing is not what you learn, but what you implement in the company “.

To prevent the demand from running out, Spanish business schools are trying to give a total turn to their star master. “In this dynamic sector we need to be alert to changes in paradigm. Even more so with a program like the MBA, which enjoys a lot of prestige “, declares the general director of Esade Business School, Eugenia Bieto. Because we must not forget that for many management training centers is the manna. In IESE, for example, 700 students a year attend the full-time MBA , which has grown by 25% in the last two years, and if we count the other MBA formats, they approach 1,500 students, so that these master’s degrees represent the 45% of the school’s turnover, according to Franz Heukamp.

Renewing is the paradigm. IE Business School decided to give a twist to its full-time MBA to place it at the forefront, because, according to the president of IE University, Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, “it is not that the MBA program is mature, it is that some schools business are mature. ” The organization has opted to incorporate content of big data and business analytics into its Master of Business Administration , so that the students who answer it respond to the demands of the companies and enjoy a double degree, so requested at present. “The MBA is very much alive. What is needed is to complement it with technology, with specialization, with new formats and a greater presence of women in the classrooms, “says Íñiguez. IE has more than 700 students in its flagship program.

The same has been done by the Barcelona School of Management, dependent on the Pompeu Fabra University. “Now we ask that the training be transversal. Knowing humanities, creativity, big data and technology, knowledge that goes beyond pure business. And schools have to give these tools, “says Daniel Serra, dean of the center. The institution decided to customize its MBA, introducing more and more elective subjects so that this master’s degree continues to be the star of executive education, adapting to each student. The students consider an individual project that is the backbone of their learning, which is directed by an academic mentor.

For its part, Esade plans to turn around his full-time MBA next year, because, in the opinion of Eugenia Bieto, it is a program that will not disappear, but it does need to be rethought. With about 375 students each year, the idea of ​​the entity is that this master’s degree is very close to the company and to innovation. “We want to train transforming managers, who are the agents of change,” he explains. And for that they have changed the methodology and incorporated creativity, big data , robotics and all the tools that facilitate the decision making at the moment. “We seek to respond to what companies demand: people who are capable of leading the changes,” Bieto adds.

Contents of ‘big data’. ‘business analytics’, artificial intelligence or creativity modernize the most sought-after postgraduate courses on campus

Because the main Spanish business schools are clear that the demand for MBA is still very powerful and should respond. The heads of IE and IESE believe that the best management training centers in the world will continue to enjoy a growing number of students, to the detriment of the rest of the institutions. “The MBA will be for a few schools of world renown and with presence in the top positions of the main rankings of the sector,” agrees Theis.

However, this moment has not yet arrived in Spain, where the candidates to take this master’s degree are still very large. So much so that the offer, far from diminishing, grows. The CEU has just made its business school independent from the university because the training of professionals must be taught by professionals, according to Álvaro Rico, general director of the CEU Institute for Advanced Management Business School. But in this transit that has meant a complete revision of the curriculum, the MBA full time it has not been dropped from the catalog, which has increased significantly (from 8 to 52 programs). “You have to train managers and decision makers with a 360 degree view of the company. That’s why the MBA has to continue to exist and what needs to be done to survive is to enrich it with specialized training in 4.0 industrialization, robotics, artificial intelligence …, as is our case, “he argues.

That is precisely the idea of ​​the newly created CMI Business School. Its president and founder, Rafael García, is clear about it. Its management training center will be the first to devote itself to corporate social responsibility and will offer a single program: a responsible MBA that can be done in three ways: full time, part-time and combining online classes and lessons. Come on, what management schools usually do. “The MBA is disappearing in many schools as such, but in others it is adapting to the new times. Shortening the duration of the master, because people have less time and want to spend less money, and specializing, as we are doing, because the subjects of all life are no longer enough for executives of the XXI century.

“An MBA multiplies your salary”

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Franz Heukamp, ​​director of the MBA of IESE Business School, assures that this program is an accelerator of experiences

“An MBA is an accelerator of experiences; in two years we live what would correspond to 10 “. Franz Heukamp is the program director of the MBA at IESE Business School , the only one taught by a Spanish business school that is included in the Top 10 of the Global MBA Ranking 2014 prepared by the British newspaper The Financial Times. The accelerator of experiences has a double reading. On the one hand, students have increased their salary by 125% three years after graduation. They charge an average of 115,000 euros per year. On the other, they learn to lead and take the reins of a company; the majority of students finish occupying managerial positions, according to IESE data.

Answer. We start from the basis that nothing is essential, but pursuing an MBA is a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills. In addition to the theoretical knowledge about the functioning of the business world, it is important to reflect on the way a manager should behave. For almost two years, students analyze in depth real cases of international companies and face practical cases in which they must position themselves before different scenarios and make a decision. An MBA is an accelerator of professional experiences. It prepares you to run a company. Of course, the average profile of students is 28 years and with a minimum experience in business management of four years.

Q. How is leadership taught?

A. All research indicates that you have to have temperament. In part, it is due to a genetic issue, but it is a trait that can be trained. For us it is very important that internalize the values ​​that should guide a manager, attributes such as humility and sincerity. They learn the importance of postponing a goal that a priori It is primordial but it can compromise your sincerity. We discuss business ethics and the courage to adopt certain decisions. For example, give up a project that can bring economic benefits if it is a deception for employees or suppliers, to which part of the information is hidden. We teach them that the decision-making processes have to be transparent and that, on occasion, they will have to give up important amounts of money in favor of sincerity. Strengthening team culture is essential.

Q. What is the added value of the IESE MBA?

A. Since 2011 students can spend a month in New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo or Nairobi, where they work with local entrepreneurs and learn in situthe peculiarities of each of those markets. In New York, studies and experiences are linked to the financial sector. In Sao Paulo and Nairobi, they participate together with entrepreneurs in the elaboration of action plans to respond to a challenge such as launching a new product or investing in other sectors. In Shanghai they are immersed in logistics issues; The goal is for them to understand how the Chinese economy works. Students can choose two destinations, in which two weeks will pass. They are very active places at the business level that can serve as the first contact for those who want to settle in another country. (Both the expenses of the flights and the stay are borne by the student)

Q. For a Spaniard, would not it make more sense to take an MBA in a foreign country?

A. Although our headquarters are in Barcelona, ​​each course we have students of about 60 nationalities, only 15% are Spanish. It is taught in English. 50% of teachers are international.

Q. How do students get big multinationals to sign them and hire them?

A. During the months of June and July of the first year, they do internships in international companies . Some of these companies, usually consultancy and banking, offer them full-time offers once the internship is over, so that the students already have work when they finish the master’s degree. 90% of the students who graduated in June 2014 already have a position in the best international companies. The international consulting firm Mckinsey & Company has hired 18, Amazon 16 and Google 3, among others. In addition, throughout the master’s degree we hold three MBA Career Forum events attended by around thirty international companies to present the profiles they require and interview candidates who respond to the profile.

The transformation of the MBA

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They are the kings of postgraduate studies, but they have had to adapt to be useful to those who pay thousands of euros to learn MBA

SANTIAGO CARREGUI“Traditional teaching is no longer adapted to what companies ask us for.” It is the opinion of Gloria Batllori, director of MBA programs at Esade, the classic Master in Business Administration and its executive version (in this case, for professionals with more than 10 years of experience) are the most typical courses of business schools and, almost, the
The transformation of the MBA
kings of all postgraduate programs, but they have had to adapt to remain useful to those who pay thousands of euros to learn. old masters?

“MBAs are becoming more practical. We teach the know-how. The focus of teaching is changed, from the pure content of before, to the development of capacities. For example, how to communicate well, time management or teamwork, “says Martin Boehm, dean of IE Business School programs . This Spanish center, IESE and Esade appear among the top positions of the best business schools in the world in several international classifications.

In the executive version , the head of the IE Business School notes that the methodology has been modified mainly: “The manager requires a lot of flexibility. Now they alternate face-to-face classes with online courses “. In addition, in the classroom the attitude is more proactive, applying real cases of day to day executives. “They also ask us for much more networking, not only in the relationship between the students, but to approach successful entrepreneurs, politicians and experts in different areas,” says Boehm, so it is common to see well-known faces parading through the center.

MBAs are becoming more practical. Teach how to communicate well, manage time or how to work as a team

Outside experience
From Esade bet on what they call “expanded program”, which gives the opportunity to present projects in different specialties, such as entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing or family business. And you are given the option to have brief experiences abroad, of 10 days, in specialized courses in China, Brazil or the US, for example, which allows you to leave with a certificate of specialization in a subject. And the possibility of acting as a consultant for SME projects arising in their own business park, or a space in a business accelerator if they want to start their own company.

In the case of the executive version , Esade proposes a postgraduate course by modules, which adapts to the free holes of the managers, instead of a night MBA, as was done before. “And every time more is taught in English, because the executives ask for it, because their business is no longer in Spain,” says Batllori.

“We have also included a coaching service for the most senior executive. It is something that they demanded to help them manage their career, how to raise their promotion or manage their presence in social networks, “says Javier Muñoz, director of career services at IESE.

He agrees that MBAs have become more international, with short stays almost compulsory in different countries. As an illustration: “Students can spend two weeks in Kenya to specialize in emerging markets,” he advances. “And there’s a lot of emphasis on everything digital. The big Internet companies like Amazon or Google are already good contractors among our postgraduates, so they are incorporating cases of these companies in the classroom, “he says. Corroborates that this institution has also created its laboratory for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Lab, for students to develop their own company.

They offer the option to have brief experiences abroad or to act as a consultant for SME projects

Performing these postgraduate courses means a high economic effort for the most prestigious schools. In the case of IESE, the price of its MBA reaches 73,900 euros, in Esade 59,700 euros. The executive version at IESE reaches 65,800 euros and Esade at 55,400 euros. At IE Business School, his International MBA costs € 59,900 and € 45,200 in his executive program.

“It is a high investment, so it must raise the return for students, which will help them to advance their professional career and that will mean a salary improvement”, believes Boehm. Therefore, it is very necessary to attend students individually in addition to “working with the business school brand” in companies: “You have to have a close relationship with them to know what they are looking for”.

“Companies require executives who know how to deal with problems,” says Esade. “And the students are not the same as before,” he says. Young people who start an MBA (with three or four years of experience) fit into the group called millennials, says Batllori, born in the late eighties: “They are a digital generation. They get bored in class and look for more interaction. They require studies with more training outside the classroom, more diverse and more practical “.

The case of lawyers
Although it is not usually a usual perspective, a large law firm is a training center for professionals, according to the Garrigues Center for Studies . “A large part of time and resources, especially young professionals, are dedicated to training and updating knowledge, which implies developing an important experience. On the other hand, the office is an observatory of business reality that allows to detect needs and opportunities and, at the same time, develop solutions and work methods, “they conclude.


EMBA See the 1155 MAR of 2018

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EMBA : The MBA attracts students from different backgrounds, with varied experiences. Through this training, they learn the basics of business and prepare for careers in many fields within multinationals or small businesses.

During these programs, students take courses in accounting, finance, marketing, administration, IT, law and ethics. They can also specialize during their studies. There are different types of MBA, full time, part time, distance, acceleration or double degree. These courses are available all over the world and are taught by the best universities and schools in the world. To find the right MBA for you, look for the ones below or refine your search using the filters above. Start today!

Compare 260 MBA-Framework 2018 Diploma
In the midst of a turbulent economic and commercial environment, many managers and executives have begun to turn to the EMBA to consolidate the future of their careers. Professionals from around the world attend these courses as they work to acquire, build or consolidate their management and leadership skills.

EMBAs are available throughout the world and include specific areas and options that are essential for executives and managers who already have business experience. EMBA students become experienced professionals through teaching methods, the experiences of other students, as well as the international perspective of training and, therefore, can cope with any situation that may arise. Students applying for an EMBA generally must have at least five years of experience in administrative or executive administration.

Find the EMBA that suits you, in the country that suits you, and begin to consolidate your position as an executive.

Ver 177 MBA from 1 to 2018
The MBA of a year is a graduation program for students who desean una mejor comprehension of the empresarial management. The finalización del programa detallado puede brindar to the solicitantes de empleo una ventaja competitiva en el mercado.

Una Maestría in Administración de Empresas (MBA) is a postgraduate that toma aproximadamente back años de estudio para recibir. The personas that obtains is achieved by a conocimiento significant experience in the negotiations of negocios and administration, and there is a trabajo quickly debited to mejor manejo.

Comparar Mejor Evaluación de 1 año from MBA 2018

Buscar 14 EMBA 1 año 2018
The professionals of the public sector have a punto in the region of education, which is one of the highest priorities in the area of ​​professional education. Otros profesionales pueden desear mudarse has a campo nuevo o relacionado, pero sienten that necesitan desarrollar específicas habilidades o adquirir nuevas habilidades. Ejecutiva maestría in Administración de Empresas (EMBA) proportional estas calificaciones, pero los profesionales ocupados no siempre tienen el tiempo o the necesidad de participar in a tradicional program of back años. The EMBA of 1 año ofrece flexibilidad y diseño de programmas especializados para profesionales establecidos que buscan el mejor retorno de la inversión.

Al igual that the traditional EMBA programs, the EMBA of an año his intensivos y requieren compromiso; sin embargo, pueden estar más optimizados o enfocados in a área particular of the commercial administration, como administración o asuntos internacionales. The programs of EMBA of a year have eliminated the element of pasantía that menudo was encuentra in the programs of MBA. y EMBA tradicionales, lo that allows completarlo in an año in lugar of back. In Cambodia, the EMBA programs of 1 year in Mexico are centered in the practical prerequisites to the acción that allows the profesional

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